Friday was a family day. The last day of the spring break and Haruki's birthday, giving him the scheduling rights. So, zoo it was. Like most adults, I can take or leave zoos; it's nice to see animals up close, but only for about 2 minutes, until the novelty wears off and the reality sets in. Kids though just want to see the animals, and buy the soft toys. I can't see that I've got that much to gain by denying them. So, for now, I will ignore my reservations and focus on the fact that the zoo's already there and I'm just paying to keep the standards as high as they can be.

I didn't want all my camera gear to come between me and my family, so I left it at home. Ma-chan brought the video camera along, and I just took a few snaps with the phone cam. Between us we captured the day for posterity and managed, despite the best efforts of the very changeable weather, to have a great time.


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