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Holiday snaps

It was a busy summer, with just a single long weekend with the family to catch my breath. Of course, it's Ma-chan who catches her breath really and to be perfectly honest, she really deserves it. Well, she has, through the course of the school holidays, been pushed to the point of madness. 

The kids kept me busy down in Shimoda as they usually do, but anything which isn't work is fine by me. Anyway, I've become entirely accustomed to my chief family role; that of head playmate.


So, I finally got myself down to Tokyo Skytree. Well actually, I was taken down, by Ma-chan, as a lovely birthday surprise. Dinner at the absolutely amazing La Sora Seed in the adjacent building was the main event, a trip up the tower was a nice little starter.

Regarding Skytree, I never saw what all the fuss was about. Marvel of modern steel engineering it may be, revolutionary triangle to circle design it may have, but to be perfectly honest, as a spectacle, it leaves me cold. It's a very tall and bug-ugly communications tower. 

'Very tall' is it's saving grace as it gives the tower some much-needed reverse Fuji-san effect. Fuji-san is a beautiful mountain, but I'd never want to climb it. It looks to be the dullest climb ever, and of course when you get to the top, there's no chance of a beautiful view of Fuji-san. It's the only place in the Kanto region where that is an absolute guaranteed. Conversely being at the top of Skytree, you can at least be free o…