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So, Hana made the weekend for the Ibaraki 12 and unders. She did great on the Saturday, better than any of us expected, in winning all her matches and getting herself into the last 16 for the Sunday. Of course, Haruki and I missed it all as we were swanning around the park checking out the local birds.

So long, Tim

Death, in a simple way, clear to all, is final. The finality of it marks out our lives with its heavy rhythm and in time, each and every one of us feels the weight of its beat. At times, it’ll be little more than a rumble; a quivering, that makes us pause and look up from our life (we see nothing unexpected… a man, phone in hand, walking his dog…the afternoon sunlight shafting through the poplars and across the car park…someone reversing into a tiny spot…birdsong), think about giving our mum a call, or picking up something sweet for dinner on the way home. At other times, the shock of its sudden coming blasts us from our life trance, and shakes us down. Its sonorous boom stops us, well, dead.  When someone has gone, that is the last we shall see of them, there’s no denying it. And yet, beyond the deceased themselves, it also cannot be denied that death is not the end. We attempt to push aside any loss we might feel with glibness – he had a good innings, one out, one in, she’s at peace …

Power and control

Who's got which?