Geology odyssey

In early July I went down to Shizuoka prefecture to work. Izu-Kogen isn't a new place for me - in fact, by my calculations, I've spent somewhere in the region of 150-plus days working down there over the past 6 years - but this time I did gain a new perspective on it. Usually I'm pretty busy from the moment I arrive, through to dash to catch the train right after we've wrapped the training up. It's a pretty tough schedule down there, to the extent that on some trips, I don't really leave the facility.

This time I changed that by going down there the night before I usually do, thereby giving me 24 hours to check out all the things I'd previously only seen through windows and from balconies; the volcano, the hillside village, the steep ravine, the ocean. It turned out (somewhat predictably in hindsight) to be a fascinating geological odyssey.


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