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Shinmisato (Christmas shopping avoidance) walk

So, we got organised with the Christmas shopping this year, and resolved the job in a timely manner. Ma-chan resolved to do it all herself, quickly and efficiently, and I resolved to stay out of her way while she did so. Deal! Drive her to the mall, fuck off for 3 hours and then come back and buy her lunch... seemed fair, to be honest.

Fuji view sunset

The first photograph I posted on this blog was of Mt. Fuji and taken from a similar spot to those below. I think, though, it's fair to say that I have developed somewhat as a photographer in the intervening period. The biggest change I can see is 'eye'. I'm always thinking about composition and story now; before and as I'm taking the shot (and of course in post). The other thing is expectations and flexibility. I'm more open-minded about shoot possibilities and probabilities when I go out, and much more willing (and able) to be flexible when situations and conditions demand it.

I wasn't expecting anything when I went down to the ocean to take these pictures, in fact I very nearly didn't go down at all and was thinking of an early dinner instead.
But, sometimes, eating is overrated...

Local colour, local life

I did a tour of the local neighbourhood this afternoon and soaked up the colour and the life. I didn't encounter too many people, especially when I got up into the woods, but that's not to say I was alone. I had my thoughts with me, and the confusion they brought with them until they dissipated with the setting sun. As you'll see in my next post the sun that was to set that evening, would dissipate pretty much any confusion demanding, as it did, my full, undivided, awestruck attention.


Iwai harbour looks its best in a combination of moonlight and floodlight.

Ball park kids

So, managed an afternoon in the park with the kids before the crappy weather moved in. It's sometimes a little tricky to line a suitable day up at this time of the year; the typhoons are coming through thick and fast. The kids have already been told their school has been closed by the one coming tomorrow. Unfortunately, no such email has arrived from the office, so I won't be part of their indoor games. Shame...


A couple of weeks ago now, I took a half day, and headed off for a stroll around Shibamata and the surrounding area. I usually only go here around New Year, and I will be back at that time, but it was nice to see the what the place looks like when there is actually a bit of room to look at it... and the ability to move around freely - the crowds at New Year have to be seen to be believed.

In the end, I had a lovely walk and managed to pick up a couple of lucky tennis charms for the kids at Taishakuten.


So, on to Kasama and the last 16. The tennis was over all too quickly, as Hana was drawn against the tallest 12-year-old any of us had ever seen. Seeing the girl towering a good 20cms over her, freaked poor Hana out and she never really recovered. It freaked me out too when I realised she was very nearly my height. It's true, I'm not the tallest, but seriously wtf... she's 12.

In the end, Hana took some consolation from the fact that she had lost to the girl who was quite clearly going to win the whole tournament (she did), and then joined her brother in the play area for bags of fun, on what was weather-wise quite literally the most glorious day of the year.