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Autumn in a Japanese town

So, the autumn warmth pulled me out from under the kotatsu again, and I headed for the south west of my town. The local shrine here is popular at this time of year for traditional 7-5-3 celebration of childhood ceremony. We honoured it when our two were 7 and 5, and all had a lot of fun dressing up in kimono and posing for photos. I was hoping to catch a few families doing similarly today. To be honest, it was quieter than I expected, but the light was good and there is a lot to see in that area, so no matter.

Nokogiriyama revisited

The second day was windless and dry and simply a perfect day for walking. My circuit took in Saw Mountain, Nihon-ji, Hota, Hamakanaya, and another sunset by the sea. Favourite spots to be sure, but there's always something fresh... always.

Blue day

So, on my final trip down to Kyonan this year I had my most interesting day yet. The weather was incredibly windy. Not stormy as such, though it did feel like typhoon-style winds; gusting, swirling and changing directions frequently, but generally coming from the south west. This meant that the air was very clear - the usual light smog was blown back up towards the city from whence it comes. It also meant that taking photographs held two new challenges for me; keeping the camera steady (even with the tripod) and, especially down by the sea, keeping the camera dry.

It was fun!

Orange night

The battle with the wind and the spray continued on to a simply (and literally, thanks to the wind) breathtaking sunset. Absolutely no apologies for the large number of photos in these two posts. The last shot ('The New Great Wave') is included until I can retake it and get it right... I know the spot and I will be back.