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Town walk

Comfortable shoes are kind of important, right? How else are you going to walk all the way to the shoe shop?

Yoro Gorge

The Yoro Gorge area has some pretty interesting walking trails. This one was the one closest to the station. It was nice, easy terrain with lots of variety and a couple of points of interest. It was super quiet too, which is always a bonus when walking here in Japan. 

I'm told that the koyo (coloured autumn leaves) is spectacular, so that might be the time to revisit. I'll check out the other trails then.

Winter sunset

So, I didn't let the lack of little fluffy clouds deter me, and shot the sunset anyway. Well,I didn't have anything else on my schedule that day, and I was already at the beach, and wrapped up in winter woollies. I just used the time to try a few things. As you can see, some of them even worked.

The distant sound of dreams

Yesterday I went to a place I haven't been for a long time, and certainly not since I came to Japan. A place where all I could hear was the sound of nothing.

It has to be said that, on top of whatever else it is, Japan is a very noisy country. It's possible, even in Tokyo, to find space and be alone, but it's virtually impossible to find quiet. Too often the strains of something, or someone, will fill the precious void of peace.

In the city it's to be expected and anyway, who goes to the city for peace? But even in the Japanese countryside there's a constant buzz and clamour. From the distant sound of traffic to chugging farm machinery to maintenance workers maintaining everything, except silence.

But not where I went yesterday... I parked the car in the village below the dam, and cycled up and around the reservoir. I was intending to complete a circuit of the lake as I had done before but, as I crossed the red girder bridge at the north end of the water, I changed my…