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So, took a few seascapes the other day... two different directions from the same spot. I tried to get different lights, but actually couldn't spend much time waiting, so in the end I just got four snapshots which seem to me to be connected by mood... probably mine...


So, it was a beautiful winter's day, perfect for a walk in the woods, or a circuit around the park, or a stroll through a pretty temple or Japanese garden, or a drive out to a local photogenic spot; a tower or a windmill, or some such...

In fact, it was such a beautiful day, I did them all.

I headed up to Akebonoyama Koen, right on the border between my county and the next. The park isn't huge, but it is big enough to provide the variety I mentioned above, while being compact enough to provide me with a manageable morning's walking. I'd been meaning to find my way up here for a while now. Distance-wise, it's on the cusp... I wouldn't call it local, so not an easy short-notice option, and when I'm up for (and have the time for) planning ahead, I tend to venture further afield, or for higher elevations.

Now I've seen it; seen the newly planted flower fields, seen the cherry orchard in it's winter nudity, seen the beautiful Japanese garden with its maples…

Fading light

So, I only had half an hour before work was due to begin. Enough time to sprint down to the ocean, tear along the front and dash back up the valley just in time to catch the sunset? Barely... mind you, good exercise and what a great way to work up an appetite, which is just as well, as they feed us like kings down here.