So, it was a beautiful winter's day, perfect for a walk in the woods, or a circuit around the park, or a stroll through a pretty temple or Japanese garden, or a drive out to a local photogenic spot; a tower or a windmill, or some such...

In fact, it was such a beautiful day, I did them all.

I headed up to Akebonoyama Koen, right on the border between my county and the next. The park isn't huge, but it is big enough to provide the variety I mentioned above, while being compact enough to provide me with a manageable morning's walking. I'd been meaning to find my way up here for a while now. Distance-wise, it's on the cusp... I wouldn't call it local, so not an easy short-notice option, and when I'm up for (and have the time for) planning ahead, I tend to venture further afield, or for higher elevations.

Now I've seen it; seen the newly planted flower fields, seen the cherry orchard in it's winter nudity, seen the beautiful Japanese garden with its maples, and seen the majestic avenue of poplar trees, I think I'll add this to my list of places to visit again in other seasons.


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