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Grey day

For the first time in a long while, I was betrayed by the weather. The day trip to the beach was fixed and the promised bright spells never materialised. No matter, I thought, I have a jacket and, to be honest, the rain doesn't really bother me. Of course, it bothers the camera and some of my lenses, so that's what I was doing between showers (not that there was much of a between at all); fight to keep my tackle dry.

Managed a couple of moody shots, and one that, accidentally out of focus, looks more like a watercolour than a photo.


The germ of this poem comes from an experience I had on my previous visit to this area in January. I walked into the hills and unexpectedly found joy in a peaceful orange grove. The thoughts and feelings I experienced whilst I was immersed in that joyous peace are pursued here. I dedicate this poem to the most amazing woman I have ever met; my muse, my inspiration, my love... 


I can feel... hear... the blood pulsing through my head.
I hesitate for just a beat... there's no other feeling... No other sound. 
My breath curls up through the cold and into the trees; Caressing branches, kissing fruit.
What I see is what I hear is what I smell and what I taste... There is no touch; only the memory of, the dream of... touch.

More than anything... more than riches, health or even happiness... More than life, I want to lie like this. Spend one more night with you: like this.
The intimacy of soul mates, the honesty of friends, the purity of lovers; our connection, our bond.
My heart wants you,…

Spring is coming

So, I managed to squeeze in a walk around Hondoji Temple. It's a nice place with a lovely garden, less than a ten-minute walk from the station.

It's an incredible oasis of calm and relaxation... when it's quiet... which it usually isn't. It's other name is Ajisai Dera (hydrangea temple), and when they're in bloom the place is absolutely full of colour... and teeming with (quite literally) hundreds of amateur photographers. The last time I was here was such an occasion. I actually had a Mexican standoff near a particularly fulsome bush with two seasoned hobbyists on that day... I lost; one of them had two tripods and a very big camera bag, and the other had some steps and a telephoto lens in a pushchair... I was out of my league. I knew it and they knew it.

Today though, I had the place to myself. I saw only one other person the whole time I was there. It was a beautiful day too. A spring feel without a doubt... the tree blossoms were clearly feeling it too... plu…

Winter sun

So, the sun managed to finally push aside some of the cloud that had been hanging around for the past few days and show it's face. And as it did, I showed mine... in my local park.

I had a lovely walk. The day was warm but really fresh as a result of all the rain on the previous day. The walking was easy and the light was great. Good therapy.