So, more work over in Ishikawa prefecture. I managed to make a real trip out of it this year, by arranging to stay in the area for a few days in between the two periods I was contractually obliged to; there were a few things I wanted to check off my list that I hadn't manged to squeeze into the previous trips.

As usual, I was flown up in plenty of time to stroll out and see the sunset over the sea of Japan. As before, skipping dinner seemed like a small price to pay for such an amazing reward. I know it's nothing original to say, but is there anything so awe-inspiring as a beautiful sunset? Every day it happens, every day it's different, and every day we are stunned, and charmed, and drawn into our thoughts while bathed in the splendour of the kaleidoscopic twilight. I can't wait for the next one.


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