Natadera, Ishikawa; a truly inspirational spot

So, on another of my days off, I decided to rent a bicycle from the city and head down to see the truly beautiful Natadera. It's a real jewel in the crown of the whole of Ishikawa, never mind just Komatsu. And yet, somehow, it does sometimes get missed, possibly due to the embarrassment of riches in neighbouring Kanazawa.

It took me around an hour to get down to the Nata Temple. I didn't hurry and went via the beautiful park on Lake Kiba. A restful place with superb views of the Hakusan masiff, which dominates all views to the east in these parts.

Once there, I parked up by the gift shops and could barely hide my disappointment, as I saw that 3 or 4 coach parties had (rather annoyingly) timed their arrivals to coincide with mine. I needn't have fretted though, as not only does Natadera have the ability to distract you from such trifles, but it also has the space to absorb and dissipate the effects of crowds.

The casual tourist can stroll around the central area conveniently, see the key spots efficiently, and be back on the bus posting their selfie on facebook, all inside 20 minutes. But the more interested traveller, with the sense to explore and an eye for the beauty of the landscape or the urge to follow Basho's 'Narrow Road to the Interior' in search of the great man's legacy, can easily spend 2 or 3 hours here and barely see another soul. Just as I did.


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