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Near Tateyama

The following day saw me in the Tateyama area, but with absolutely no change in the weather. It was dark and grey all day, but I didn't let that dowse my desire to explore new places. I explored hard and managed to find some local colour hidden in the gloom.

Futtsu views

So, early June saw me on another half and half... work and recreation. This time I was in the Futtsu area, just a short jump from the blast furnaces and coking plants of Kimitsu. Futtsu Point juts out into Tokyo bay and offers some quite stunning views across the waters to Yokohama, Tokyo and beyond. There is a spectacular viewing structure at the end of the point and, on a clear day, one can make out the various visible landmarks; Tokyo SkyTree, Tsukuba-san (mountain), the skyscrapers of Tokyo, the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, and Fuji-san.

This, however, was very much not a clear day. The skies were heavy and dramatic, and there were frequent rain showers to keep me on my toes. It was actually a fun day and I think I managed to get a few interesting views.