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Scare crows, scare me

Scarecrows Japanese style:

Blue moonset

So, I decided to stay up and watch the blue moon set. Well, it doesn't happen very often, does it? Once in a... 

Yoro Valley

So, I headed across to Yoro Valley, pretty famous around these parts for it's very beautiful autumn leaves, and about an hour's drive from where I stay. Obviously, it isn't autumn, but I just wanted to check out the area for future reference.

The gorge itself is long and at times spectacular. At one end is the sometime spectacular Awamata falls, an absolute jewel in the Chiba waterfall crown. The riverside walkway winds for a couple of kilometres down towards the village of Oikawa, and there are several additional falls to admire, including the Maboroshi falls, which has a very inviting pool to one side.

It was a nice walk, but obviously one that will be improved when the trees are in their autumn garb, and with perhaps a massive downpour just a couple of hours before my arrival to show off the falls. I will definitely return later in the year.

Pacific view

So, I took a trip to the other side of the peninsula today. The 'outside' as they call it here. Sotobo - the outside (soto) of Boso (bo) - faces the mighty Pacific Ocean. It's the only place around here where the surfing is really good. Facing east, it's also the only place around here to catch the sunrise. I was here scoping out locations for later in the year when I'm going to come back and do just that; catch the sunrise (watch this space).

The weather was changeable while I was checking the place out and that meant for some interesting contrasts. I took a few shots near Chikura and then headed down to the Shirahama area to take a few more.

A useful reccy, I think. I got my location and a couple of bonus views too.

When work is done

One of my regular clients is lucky enough to have it's main training facility right on the beach in southern Kanagawa. It's always a pleasure to work there, because of the location, but also because the schedule is kinder than some, giving ample opportunity to enjoy the environment.

This means early morning strolls on the beach feeling the warmth of the sunrise on my back, and/or a couple of beers as we sit out the light on the boardwalk. On this trip I was struck by the marked difference of the view on the two consecutive evenings I sat out.