Shimoda: rain, history, sun and crabs

So, we managed to get away for a few days for our annual family trip down the Izu Peninsula to Shimoda. It's a lovely spot that we go to; cliff-top hotel, great food, cool pool, elevator to the beautiful sandy beaches with perfect 1-2 metre surf. I love it, the missus loves it, and most importantly, the kids love it.

Due to a typhoon passing through west Japan, the weather this year was a little mixed. The evening we arrived and the whole of the following morning was rainy. The sun was finally to make its mark just in time for some body-boarding before the beach closed. The second day, in marked contrast, was beautiful.

We didn't waste the rainy morning though, in fact, thanks to Hana's homework assignment, we went on a little historical research tour. Shimoda is famous as being where Japan ended their international seclusion when they signed a treaty of amity and commerce with the American Commodore Perry. So we headed down to Perry Road which winds its pretty way from the harbour where Perry's black ships docked, all the way along to the museum which is right by the spot where the treaty was signed.

There was lots to see and we barely noticed the rain... it was a morning well spent and a homework assignment well prepared for.


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