Harbour sunset

It's funny how it works; some days I 'own' photography, and some days it owns me. I guess it's the same for all hobbyists and their hobbies. Sometimes you seem to have some kind of midas touch and everything clicks, and sometimes you very patently don't and it doesn't.

There have been days when I've made an early start, headed to a pretty spot, taken in the morning blue and golden hours, spent the day scoping out future locations, caught the evening golden and blue hours in another equally pretty location, and headed home after dark with barely any energy left and well over 1000 shots on the memory card. Only to bin the lot the following day when it turns out that nowhere you went, and nothing you tried 'clicked'. The only thing that clicked was your camera's shutter, over and over again, fruitlessly.

And then there are those other days... you're busy, but there's a small window of time. You're not sure about the weather, but you decide to chance it. You head out to a new location; you haven't scoped or researched it, but how bad could it be? And as you arrive, the location and its vantage points present themselves naturally, the atmosphere is conducive, and the light eases gently towards perfect. In forty minutes, you have more successful shots than you've had in the last 10 outings... one or two are it seems among the best photos you've ever taken.

From nothing... gold. I felt like a goddamn alchemist.


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