Mount Takao

So, in early autumn I headed up to Takao-san, a very popular mountain west of Tokyo. I've heard the name a lot over the years, but until now never managed to find the time to get out there.

I've heard that it's a nice walk, and it is... I really enjoyed the walk. I've also heard that Fuji-san is visible from the top, and it is... on a clear day. I've further heard that it there is a nice temple near the top to check out as well, and there is... and I did.

No one had ever mentioned the visitor centre, or the toilet block, or the gift shop, or the noodle shop, or the beer garden, or the well over 500 people that are also at the top of the mountain. Or the fact that Mount Takao is officially the busiest mountain in the world, attracting as it does, some 2.6 million visitors annually. I'll let you just think about that number for a second... That's an average of 7,123 people visiting its summit every day... including the day I visited (for the first and, almost certainly, the last time).

Like I said... nice walk.


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