Nakanoshima Bridge and Kimitsu

For a while, I've wanted to take some photos of the 'other side' of my county. A side that very much overlaps with my own history. Kimitsu is a steel-making town, much like my hometown was when I was growing up. The steel industry in the UK is to a large extent in steep decline and has been since the 1970s. Japanese steel making, though under pressure from Chinese and Taiwanese competitors, has fared better (up to now), but in all probability, will suffer a similar fate.

My image was industrial landscapes, seascapes too as Kimitsu is right on the ocean, rather than the beautifully detailed HDR building portraits that the very talented Hiroshi Ookura has captured here.

Looking on the map, my best bet for a land-based vantage point seemed to be Nakanoshima Bridge in Kisarazu just north of Kimitsu. Practically speaking the bridge is a bit pointless;it goes only to a small man-made island which is little more than a place to have a picnic. Having said that, it is a nice (and popular) spot for said activity, and is well used on warmer days. It's also a really nice bridge. Designed for boats to pass under, its apex is some 25 metres above the sea (the highest such raised walkway in Japan)

I took a couple of nice shots of the bridge itself, but it was the from the high point that I was after. I had the place virtually to myself and I spent quite a while up there (despite the cool breeze) soaking up the atmosphere of the place.


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