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Regular visitors to this page will be familiar with my shots of Taito-ku as, no doubt, I am a regular visitor to that little corner of Tokyo. The winding walk from Nippori, across the beautiful, peaceful Yanaka Cemetery down through the numerous temples that populate this part of my city and onto Nezu in the neighbouring ku, is an absolute pleasure; at any time of the year and in any weather.

Today I walked the familiar route slowly, allowed myself to be distracted by my spontaneity, but stayed focused within that unfocused method. Today was all about the details (earlier perspectives are here and here). We're told that that is where god is... well, I wouldn't know about that, but there is definitely 'something' in the details. Cats mostly, as it turned out.

B & W

I had a play with some recent shots, to see if I could liberate their monochrome spirit... Mixed results, but I really like one or two of them.


Like last year, there's been virtually no snow this winter - although there's a dusting forecast for tonight. Snow is, though, overrated. I like a heavy frost as much as the next man, but snow is just a pain in the arse. Well, that's what I'm saying today... a bright, warm, spring-hinting day.

I headed to my local park, mostly to see if any of the plum trees were showing yet (they were), but also to see the golden reeds and glowing tree lines reflected in the lake. Mission accomplished.