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Walking the day

On the final day of my trip, I did some walking. Up to the hillside village, then back down again through the farmland, to make the sea in time for sunset. I was a slow, relaxing day, with some good, clear light thanks to the previous day's rain. 


Well, yes it does. Water does fall.

Most people stay indoors when it rains - watch tv, surf the net, read a book - or go out with a brolly, cursing their luck. I just think about how to time the rain's end with my arrival at the nearest waterfall. Or, in this case, at the nearest four waterfalls.

Ocean colour scene

Another trip south a couple of weeks ago... mixed weather, but it's not the weather I go for, and anyway it would be a bit boring if it was just sunshine and roses every day, wouldn't it? Yes it would... I'd definitely get bored of the lovely weather... certainly after a couple of years or so I would... probably.

On the first day I cycled south, down through the forest towards Tateyama bay. It's a fair stretch, with the long, long incline to start, but the last hour is downhill all the way, with really nice views down across the bay from the north side.

I dumped the bike at the station as I usually do when I come this way, and walked leisurely the final mile to lunch by the ocean. It's a first day jaunt for so many reasons, not least because of the quality of the sushi. Is there anything finer than a couple of cuts of ultra-fresh chutoro in a well-kept, shore-side shop?

I'm sure the birds would agree with me on that.