Ocean colour scene

Another trip south a couple of weeks ago... mixed weather, but it's not the weather I go for, and anyway it would be a bit boring if it was just sunshine and roses every day, wouldn't it? Yes it would... I'd definitely get bored of the lovely weather... certainly after a couple of years or so I would... probably.

On the first day I cycled south, down through the forest towards Tateyama bay. It's a fair stretch, with the long, long incline to start, but the last hour is downhill all the way, with really nice views down across the bay from the north side.

I dumped the bike at the station as I usually do when I come this way, and walked leisurely the final mile to lunch by the ocean. It's a first day jaunt for so many reasons, not least because of the quality of the sushi. Is there anything finer than a couple of cuts of ultra-fresh chutoro in a well-kept, shore-side shop?

I'm sure the birds would agree with me on that.


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