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#Yokohama skyline

So, the kids had a 1-day tennis camp at a club in Kanagawa. They needed a driver, and I needed 4 hours walking round with my camera waiting for the night views. The job was indeed a good-un.

Yokohama is a town I regularly work in, and one I often pledge to spend more time discovering. It really is a beautiful place and, as it drives forward into it's next life phase, it gets more beautiful. And as the day moves into the evening, the same thing happens.

A thousand lakes

My regular lake walk, like all regular walks I guess, is both familiar and different every time I walk it. It's the same circuit (two, if you count its reverse), but it's a thousand walks. The annual cycle of life, the myriad weather variations, and the momentary random moments that it seems I must experience every time I visit, gives my lake it's spectacular variety and its enduring allure.

Also, it's really close, and has a ramen shop half way round... my hands are tied really.


In nearby Komatsu, I always get a lot of warmth. From the light, from the landscape, from the people, and from the glow of the sunsets.
Perhaps it comes with the Ishikawa microcosm - fresh breeze always moving in from the wide Sea of Japan, fresher air rolling down the from the Japan Alps, which cuts this area off from the rest of the country - but the air is rarified here. That gives the golden and the blue hours such depth and allure... and such warmth...


So, work took over as it often does through spring and into early summer. It is by the far the busiest time of the year for me, but it's not all bad. It does send me to places, and I do take my camera, and there is free time.

I managed to squeeze in a day's walking around Kanazawa. It's a beautiful town with much to recommend it, especially if your thing is glimpses of the old and traditional Japan. The beautifully restored castle of the great Maeda daimyo sits next to the most famous of Japan's gardens, Kenrokuen. By the river, is the old pleasure district which, though providing different pleasures these days, has lost none of it's charming beauty. And down in the valley below the castle's towering buttresses are the old samurai dwellings.

Catch the weather right, throw in the local flora and fauna, add the distinctive architecture of the old town, and the wonderful character (and characters) of the nationally famous fish market, and you have quite a walking to…