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I grow old... I grow old... I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled

Not quite measuring out my life in coffee spoons, but aging nonetheless. It's my birthday, it's true, I can't deny it, I don't deny it, but nor do I shout it from the rooftops. Not for me the cocktails and the shortcake, more party pooper than party popper, but I do celebrate, and I do mark the day, and it is momentous.

My recent trend, as you may have noticed, is to ensure that the day is mine, start it late, start it easy, and walk from the heart of my world, to its western shore. I spend time with myself; within myself, without my self... I consider, I contemplate... stock is taken, plans are reassessed. In the end, something is refreshed and recharged. Something is exposed and re-understood... as the sun sets on my day, it is seen as an acceptance of forward movement, a change, a development, a marking of time... it is seen as another hour, day, year, epoch lived... it is seen as the latest in a series of achievements. A getting through of...

East to west

Like on all poor light days, I plan nothing, and expect even less. Blow with the breeze and mostly keep the lens cap on. The focus becomes the walk, which is no bad thing. That's, after all, how this whole thing started; I was a walker long before I ever owned a camera.

The light is seldom poor all day, and there's almost always something that catches the eye.


As Hana managed to reach the Kanto Juniors Regional Tennis Championships for the first time this year (well done, sweetie), we managed a bonus road trip out to the Pacific coastal area of Kujukuri. Kujukuri, meaning 99 ri (ri being a unit of measurement of around 660 metres), is named for the very long beach that runs all along the coastline here. Most Japanese people think that the name 99 ri is just a reference to the fact that the beach here is pretty long. In fact, the name is the actual measurement of the beach, which does indeed run for just under 65.5 kilometres.

I did walk along part of the beach during our stay, and me and the boy did play in its feisty waters but, when I carried my camera, I was just trying to capture the vibe of the sotobo (outside coastline), which is very different to the uchibo (inside coastline) where I usually go. I will photograph the great Pacific another time... perhaps when I finally make my way across the peninsula to catch the actual 'rising s…

Head in the clouds, feet in the sea

So, I went jogging on the beach in the morning before it got too warm. Well, I wanted to, but had to curtail that as a sea fret cut visibility down to only a couple of metres. I went back and watched a movie instead (not Mist).

By the late morning, the fret had started to clear away and I headed to the hills to take some photos. The fret was still swirling around the high peaks, but it was burning fast. The temperature rose enough to make my stroll very comfortable indeed. And the clouds cleared away enough for me to catch the sunset.

It was a day for dreaming...

From the paddies to the sea

I love the rice fields at this time of year. They are the colour of home...