As Hana managed to reach the Kanto Juniors Regional Tennis Championships for the first time this year (well done, sweetie), we managed a bonus road trip out to the Pacific coastal area of Kujukuri. Kujukuri, meaning 99 ri (ri being a unit of measurement of around 660 metres), is named for the very long beach that runs all along the coastline here. Most Japanese people think that the name 99 ri is just a reference to the fact that the beach here is pretty long. In fact, the name is the actual measurement of the beach, which does indeed run for just under 65.5 kilometres.

I did walk along part of the beach during our stay, and me and the boy did play in its feisty waters but, when I carried my camera, I was just trying to capture the vibe of the sotobo (outside coastline), which is very different to the uchibo (inside coastline) where I usually go. I will photograph the great Pacific another time... perhaps when I finally make my way across the peninsula to catch the actual 'rising sun'.

Anyway, I caught the long, still evening, and the hot and breezy day. I think I like it over there in the East Chiba micro-climate... hope to get back real soon.

For fact fans, Hana played really well, but didn't make it past the second round where she unluckily drew the number 2 seed.


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