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Pokemon went!

So, there was a family trip to Ueno Park to hunt for a couple of particularly elusive pokemon (Gyarados and Kamex [Blastoise] fact fans). Against my better judgement, which it turns out is (once again) not better at all, I've had a surprising amount of fun hunting for pokemon over the past few weeks.

The game itself (that is, the gameplay) as you might imagine, is very simple, mindless even, but it brings with it a framework which, for me at least, is a lot more positive.

It gets you out and about, which can't be a bad thing. It's also a surprisingly social game. In Ueno Park there were groups of friends playing alongside each other, there were also groups of strangers being drawn together in their shared pursuit.

For me and my family, it has become another thing that we can do together. As they grow and strike out on their own somewhat, I know that the number of opportunities to do things 'together' will start (has already started) to diminish. I will cling tightly t…

Reveal and hide

So, I went down to see Gake Kannon in Tomiura for the reveal. This time, I did in fact see it, rather than just the scaffolding and canopies that have been hiding it away for the past two years. I have to say, they've done a great job with the restoration (albeit a really slooooow job). It's a nice spot, with a great view especially on a beautiful day like today.

I even had time to call in at 'secret beach' for sunset on the way home. There, I saw... no one... it's a secret, remember? I've never seen anyone there. Where? Where, what...?