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...Or contrast

A change is as good as a rest, they also say... and I do confess, up until very recently, I did believe them. Now, not so much. Now, I love a good rest.

And, after much consideration, I believe that in actual fact, a change is only as good as a change,and the only thing that's as good as a rest is... another (preferably longer) rest.
This rest was lovely.


It's in an unusually warm autumn this year, which is good for the hobbies, especially taking photos. Unfortunately, it's also an unusually busy autumn at work... sigh... Life is all about balance, or so I've heard it said. I'm guessing those that said it didn't work for a Japanese company, or have kids in Japanese schools... Ah well, at least the books are balanced.

Me? Well, I'm doing my best...


I took a few shots of surf and surfers in the late evening sun the other day. I'm always impressed by the commitment of those guys to their hobby. They roll up the night before, sleep in their wagons, are first in at dawn, and last out at dusk. I guess their schedule's not so different from mine in that respect...

Yeah, I've been known to sleep in the car... of course, it's usually because I've had too much to drink to drive home, so I've crashed in the back seat, slept right through the dawn and woken up dog-rough when the car gets too hot from the sun at lunchtime.

Maybe not that much in common after all...