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Not a supermoon, but nonetheless a super moon.


One of two interesting local parks we have in our city. I don’t visit this one much these days, as I have to use the car to get here, but I used to visit a lot when the kids were smaller, and the zoo next door was more the attraction. A petting section that Hana loved, and a monkey gallery that fascinated (and sometimes included!) Haruki, a semi-famous lesser panda that stood on its hind legs, meerkat-style, and a sit-on train ride were the attractions. Like Hana and Haruki’s childhood, faded or gone now, and I look elsewhere for subjects to photograph.

Oomachi is nice. Has variety in its several walks, and focal points too; the pond, the rose garden, the kingfishers along the stream, and the cats that always seem to be around. On a sunny day, a pleasant place.