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Home - office - airport

Though it may look like it, I didn’t actually walk clear across town, but I did have 3 mini-walks with my camera today… a glimpse into my world and its geographies.

Tendai tennis

Unusually, the pair of them were playing doubles tournaments on the same day at the same location. I thought I’d take the camera along in the hope of a little stroll. As it turned out, I didn’t get much time, but the tennis was good so no matter. Haruki and his partner progressed further, but both pairs went for it and exited to the respective eventual winners in their draws, so not even a hint of shame or regret.

From TTC to Akebono

This walk became tainted by events that took place just a few days later. A young girl was taken from near her home, murdered, her body dumped in a spot that can be seen in one of these photographs. I enjoyed the walk as I recall, but now I’m just overwhelmed with sadness for that young girl whose life was ended there. RIP little one.