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Ataka Barrier sunset

Finally... the coast. One or two nice captures and with a warmth that belies how cold it actually was. Lucky I brought a jacket.

Field report

Didn’t make it to the coast again tonight.

#Sunset over paddy fields

As this prefecture faces west, one of the first things I do when I get here each spring, is head to the beach to watch the sunset. I have to walk a fair distance to make the coast and across some really beautiful farmland. Sometimes, I don’t make the coast… I love the way the light dances its golden steps on the rice fields here just after they’ve been planted.


Glimpses of the light, movement and atmosphere of this lovely local festival.

Heading home


Hota sunset



I think it must have been the first time that I’d been 'trapped' in Kyonan at Golden Week. I certainly don’t ever remember traffic like it. My plan was my usual Nokogiriyama round, taking in the ropeway and the Nihon Dera on the south side of the mountain. It took a lot longer than usual just to get to my usual parking spot, and I couldn’t wait to park up and unfold the bike. It became quickly apparent, though, that my original plan was not going to happen. The roads were chocca, no doubt the ropeway would be too. I didn’t even bother. I just headed up the coast until I couldn’t stand to see the miserable faces pressed against the windows of the traffic jam any more…

And then, I headed inland…

Nakayama means ‘inside the mountain’ or ‘the interior’ or some such. Road turned to track pretty quickly andon I rode...and what a ride it turned out to be. Talk about off the beaten track. As an alternative to the coastal congestion, I couldn’t have chosen a better route. Even the creepy …

Tanjoji vs Osawa

I headed over to Tanjoji to see what all the fuss was about Nomizo Falls. The falls became a bit of an Internet sensation here in Japan a couple of years ago after some talented amateur posted a really great photo of it on Instagram. I reckon he must have got lucky with the light. It’s a nice spot, to be sure, but it’s nothing special.

I pushed on to Osawa to take a few coastal shots… To be perfectly honest, on the day, I much preferred the lonely ambience of the sleepy fishing port, to the tourist infested gift-shop sideshow.