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Oiso - unless (even if) you really have to... don't bother.

Oiso, the next town on from Hiratsuka has much to recommend it I’m sure (I’ve heard much talk of Long Beach [closed when I was walking past], and I visited ex-Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida’s house [by accident – I was sort of in it before I realised it was anywhere of note]), but I only went to Oiso because I had to. Ruby was playing a big Kanto-wide tournament down there (she lost… badly).

Yes, I’m sure it’s a lovely sleepy little coastal town, not quite pretty, not quite a resort, not quite close enough for me to go there unless I have to. Hopefully, I’ll never have to. A bit harsh perhaps, my experience coloured no doubt by the greyness of the day, but still... they could have made more of an effort. Yeah... perhaps, so could I.

The Tateyama-Kurobe Alpen Route

I’d long wanted to do this route, but hadn’t been able to find either the time or the weather to make it worth the effort. And it was an effort. It was quite a journey – express train, local train, cable car, bus, trolley bus, ropeway, cable car… and then back – but luckily the transport company have it all worked out and all you need do, is buy the right pass on the Internet before the day of travel and then turn up at the right time to start the fun.
I knew it would be beautiful – anyone who has seen the sights on the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpen Route will tell you that – but I wasn’t prepared for how busy it would be. On each leg of the journey, the mode (whatever) it was, was packed. It added to the excitement if I’m honest, but it isn’t what I normally expect up a mountain in early June.
Of course, the crowds don’t move so far. They just buzz about near the hubs in their groups taking photographs of each other. They can’t stray too far as they’re on a tight schedule. It is a shame they c…