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Tateyama and Kazusa-minato

So, I spent the day in and around Tateyama today. It was bright and warm, which said wide views to me; a visit to the castle at the south of the bay, followed by a brief stop at Gake Kannon at the north end…
I continued to drift north and looked for a new spot to sit out the light. I haven’t decided yet whether I liked the spot, but it may have some potential.

Absolute lunar-sea!

Managed to get back to ‘Secret Beach’ in time to see the weirdest sunset ever. Sitting on the shore as the sun fell and the light began to fade all seemed normal. As you can see from the first couple of shots, nice spot, nice light, lovely cloud distribution… and then suddenly it was a crazy pink sun setting over the sea of tranquillity…

Absolute lunar sea!


Nokogiriyama drew me again, but actually it was the sea views that really stood out today.


Iyogadake is not a high mountain, but it rises from near sea level and has a lovely little pinnacle at its peak. It cannot be climbed without using the ropes fixed near the top and, in wet or icy weather, it’s on the nightmare side of treacherous. The views, though…

No Fuji-san today, but it being the day after heavy rain, the air is clear, the cloud is broken, and the light is really ‘interesting’. It stayed that way the whole day and turned in a couple of surprises at sundown.