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Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Bay is huge. As you'd expect, with one of the world's biggest cities sitting at the head of it. If you think of Tokyo as a conurbation, It wraps right the way around the bay. From Yokosuka on the Miura Peninsula, south of Yokohama, right the way around to Futtsu, some 150 km distant, there is virtually no countryside. Those two, Yokosuka and Futtsu, sit opposite each other, just 15 km apart, at the mouth of the bay, with lovely views both ways. Well, I imagine it works both ways, I only really see things from the Futtsu side.

Here are some of those views, starting with the Tokyo Bay Kannon statue (worth a look, if you're in the area), and its stunning views of industrial Chiba (with a lovely Tokyo backdrop), and across the water to Yokohama's aptly-named, Landmark Tower.

Inside out

I love the Nashizawa round. I discovered it by accident when trying to escape the Golden Week traffic in early May.
On my bike, I headed inland and up into the mountains, and was pleasantly surprised when the road I'd taken tapered away into a green lane. A beautiful one, that climbed higher and higher until eventually, riding the bike became virtually impossible. I was beginning to think about ditching the bike (problematic retrieving it later) or turning back (not a great option at 15 km in, time pressing on, and no real clue as where I was going to end up), when the track peaked. The views to the east and the west were beautiful, the autumn leaves really lighting up the valleys. 
As the track started to descend (and me with it... very carefully), it also began to widen. Another 20 minutes saw me finally make Route 34 and the long, fast (a fella behind me clocked me at 45 km/h last time I came this way) descent to the coast and the sunset point where'd I'd left the car. …

Sunset strip

Sunset shots from my recent jaunt... Three different days, three different spots within a few hundred metres of each other.

West (2)

Autumn Fuji... and West Izu.

West (1)

As with the whole trip, there was only the skeleton of a plan. I wanted to catch Fuji-san in its autumn garb, and I wanted to visit the west side of the Izu peninsula (for the first time). It's funny, I must have been to the eastern side over a hundred times (mostly through work), but never managed to get across to the other side.

I headed over via the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (another first), a bridge-tunnel combination civil engineering marvel, that stretches right across the bay (4.4 km bridge and a 9.6 km tunnel), right across Kanagawa and on into Shizuoka, the home of both my targets.

Arriving too late for a peak, but too early to head straight to the hotel, I took a chance on a local landmark, Sharaito falls. Wow! Way more impressive than I expected.


Driving down the Pacific coastline is a joy. Only 2 hours from Tokyo, but a world away. Down through Ibaraki and into my prefecture, Chiba. Along the beautiful, sweeping Kujukuri beach, '99-ri' long (about 60 km), all the way down to the surfers' paradise in Southern Boso. Seriously, I couldn't drive this stretch slow enough, but I did want to catch the surfers catching the waves.


Next I headed east to the Pacific coastline. From wooded cliff tops to sandy beaches...