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Counting (the photos)

The photos here, along with the mood they capture and the events they record, are among the various inspirations for the poem posted earlier. I'm looking at them now as I re-read the poem... and find myself 'counting' again.


(Tranquillity Lighthouses
    and the Pale Horse)

When I set out, I had no purpose, or clue.
No reason, or focus, or view.
Sometimes, shoe just follows shoe.

But here I am on a familiar track,
As the shadows lengthen behind me.
The path pushing past the pines
And on down towards the shore.
The wanted sand, I understand;
The needed sea, that beckons me.

I go to the place, hidden among the dunes
And pause to let it recognise me...
Ease in, hunker down, collar up
Against the cold. Against the years.
Against the coming dark.
Arms wrapped around knees… still…

…And counting…

To the left; white flash… one… two… three… 
Four… five… red flash… one… two… three…
Four… five… white flash… one… two…

To the right; two green flashes a second apart… 
One… two… three… four… five… six… two green
Flashes a second apart... one… two…three…

Counting up, but always counting down.
Counting blessings; counting cost.
Counting… and the world begins to fall away…

Stirring at the birth of the day
The light was thin but lit the way.

A little more detail...

A few more from 'details' from the next day's walk.

See inside for details...

As (primarily) a landscape photographer, I do tend to sweep, panorama-style across my surroundings; take the whole thing in; drink it right in. Of course I do. It's for those moments (those stunning vistas) that I push through the scrubland to the secret beach, take the path to the forgotten clearing in the forest, and edge out onto the exposed promontory. 

It's not that I don't see anything else other than scenery. I do, I see it all, but I'm focussed. That means that sometimes, I only see what I'm looking for, and I skip right past the details. That's a shame, and I know it. I must work a little bit on that imbalance. I really must.