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A friend asked me the other day, on having seen a few of my shots on here, what's with all the sunsets, Matt, you seem a bit obsessed? Yeah, probably, I love them, mate, was my rather vague reply. He just kind of nodded and that was that. A topic left undiscussed.

I'm sure he sensed a reluctance to discuss the topic hidden somewhere in my vagueness, but he didn't dig any deeper with his enquiry, and look for the reason behind it. If he did dig deeper without vocalising, and I'm guessing here, he must have thought I was a little embarrassed to reveal my sensitive side and, like when you have a little look at a scab that's not quite ready for shedding, he decided to leave it.

Well, those who know me well, know that although I frequently embarrass myself (sigh*), I do not have any particular worries about revealing my sensitive side (they might consider that perhaps I should [again, sigh*).

To be honest, it wasn't so much a 'reluctance' that stopped me fleshi…


So, finally I've taken the plunge. I've had my camera set up to take RAW as well as jpeg for a while now - it was always my intention to switch over at some point - and I have been dabbling with processing them too.

I've reached the point, process- and confidence-wise where I now feel comfortable enough to make the switch. I picked out the following 10 shots (previously worked as jpegs with 2 or 3 exceptions) as a first go, set out the workflow and aimed to post-process at least as fast as I would working with just jpegs. Well, there was a difference. I did take a little longer in real time, however, that time just flew by.

I was fine-tuning and tweaking and playing, and couldn't believe how much more rewarding it was working with RAW files than with jpegs. I chose the files carefully, sure, but nonetheless, it was so much fun to able to reach imagined outcomes. What I mean is, when I work with jpegs, I'm constantly frustrated with my (Photoshop's) inability to m…